Colourful Easter craft projects.

5 fun ideas for keeping children entertained this Easter

It seems barely any time has passed since the last school holiday, but the Easter break is just around the corner. If you have children to entertain over the holiday, making plans can ease the pressure. Here are five fun ways to spend time together this spring. 

1. Search for a local Easter egg hunt 

Over Easter weekend, as well as eating chocolate eggs, a hunt is a great idea that young children will love. Lots of places hold Easter events over the weekend that you can attend, and many of them are free.

An excellent choice to combine Easter activities with some culture is visiting a National Trust property. Taking part in the Easter egg trails costs £3 and will take you into beautiful gardens, around lakes, or through ancient woodland. Some of the properties also have other activities planned, like games to learn about spring animals or mini competitions. Make sure you check your local National Trust location to see what’s available. 

Of course, you don’t have to go out to create an egg hunt either. You could arrange one in your garden or home. For older children, adding riddles they’ve got to solve to find the chocolate treasure can make it even more entertaining. 

2. Plan a crafting day

Kids love getting messy, so a day dedicated to paint, glitter, and glue could be something they’ll enjoy. Put down a sheet to protect the furniture and let their imagination go wild. 

Many high street shops and supermarkets will sell small crafting kits, including Easter-themed ones, that can make planning this activity simple. Or get out the supplies you already have and get creative.

If you need some inspiration, there’s plenty online. As well as traditional activities, like painting eggs with brightly coloured paints or making an Easter bonnet, why not use cotton wool to create a fluffy Easter bunny card? Or use tin foil to make a shiny egg to decorate your home?

3. Hold a mini sports day in your home

If your children love being outdoors and getting active, this could be perfect for them. Host a mini sports day in your garden, or even the local park if you need more room.

It’s a fantastic chance to demonstrate some of the classic games you may have played at school, like a three-legged race, an egg and spoon race, or seeing who can roll their egg the furthest without it breaking. You can even offer small prizes to get everyone into the competitive spirit.

Combine your plans with a delicious picnic to really make a day of it and, hopefully, enjoy the spring weather. 

4. Check out your local theatre 

A day out at the theatre can really capture the imagination of children, and there are lots of family-friendly shows across the UK. Some even feature characters from favourite children’s TV shows or films, from Disney’s Frozen, which is currently on in London’s West End, to Hey Duggee, which is travelling across the UK throughout spring and summer. 

Lots of local theatres also schedule family-friendly events during the school holidays, so it’s worth looking at what extra days out could be on offer. For example, many will have baby and toddler groups that are focused on music and workshops that are perfect for older children. 

5. Be a tourist for a day

It’s easy to overlook the fantastic amenities you have close to you, so check out what the best-ranked tourist attractions are nearby and plan a visit to them.

Is there’s a museum that you’ve always thought about visiting but never got around to it? Or a country park nearby that will be perfect for a walk?

It could really help you appreciate your local area, meet new people, and you may find your new favourite activity to do as a family. 

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