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Couple with family considering inheritance and estate planning

Don’t leave it too late

Inheritance is an emotive subject and is likely to come into focus over the next 12-18 months as the Chancellor looks to raise money for the Treasury.

The coronavirus pandemic has cost the government billions. The Office for Budget Responsibility says it could be as much as £298 billion! Such reports are focusing some people’s attention to think strategically about how they will pass their wealth to the next generation, especially if tax relief is in the Chancellor’s sights.

There has been a rise in people gifting assets to family members, a report in the Financial Times claims. It says due to the pandemic, people are not hanging onto savings and investments in case tax relief is cut.

Make a plan

It is a shame that some people are only thinking about their inheritance and financial future in light of a major event. Our advice to clients is that they should enjoy passing on their wealth while they’re able to witness its impact.

Similarly, you don’t want to give away assets without ensuring you have enough to live your own desired lifestyle. A perfect financial plan would mean leaving £5 in your bank account on the day you die, having spent it yourself enjoying life, or seeing the good it can do for others.

That isn’t as heartless as it sounds! You see, without correct inheritance and estate planning, you may hand your loved ones a large tax bill that eats into the wealth you created. And who wants that?

Don’t wait

Waiting for the Chancellor to make a decision on his future may affect yours, so don’t wait. If inheritance tax changes, especially the ‘seven-year rule’ that allows sums to be given away tax free is reduced or removed, then you may regret waiting.

Your financial plan is as distinct as a fingerprint, and we treat your circumstances individually. It’s why we don’t have a catch-all line about advice on family trusts, investments or pensions. It depends on your own personal financial circumstances and what you want to happen.

Inheritance and estate planning advice

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